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Case Studies

Please view our Case Studies below.

These range from the Aerospace, General Industry, Marine / Offshore and Hydraulic Data Logging area.

Flushing and Pressure Test Rig

Torishima have developed a cost effective Flushing and Pressure Test Rig. The rigs are ideal for flushing and testing hose and pipework with low viscosity oils. The rigs have a maximum working... Read more

Pump Bearing Lube Systems

Four Lube Systems manufactured, tested and despatched four weeks after the design was agreed. Torishima Fluid Power manufactured the systems for our parent company Torishima Pump, based in Japan. The... Read more

Gearbox Lubrication System

MGR Fluid Power Designed and manufactured a lubrication system and tank in 8 weeks. The system supplies turbine oil to a gearbox and comprises of; 140 l/min screw pump Large plate heat... Read more

Hydraulic Power Units

Hydraulic power units are the heart of any hydraulic system providing pressure and flow. AT MGR Fluid Power we manufacture the larger power units, generally from 15 kW upwards. What does a hydraulic... Read more

Lubrication System

MGR Fluid Power was tasked with replacing an outdated lubrication system in a Steel Mill. The system is used for lubricating bearings using a fluid called Morgoil, which has a high viscosity. Our... Read more

Standard HPU's - TORPacks

At MGR Fluid Power we believe any power unit or system we manufacture should be of a high quality and prove to be reliable for our customers. We have released a standard range of hydraulic power... Read more

Bespoke Power Unit

MGR Fluid Power was awarded a contract to design and manufacture a hydraulic power unit (HPU) to supply fluid to a ring main in a materials test facility.  The specification... Read more

Saving Energy

What if you were offered the chance to reduce the size of your hydraulic pumps and reduce the size of your electric bill? MGR have completed a contract to replace a 90kW drive motor and pump with... Read more

Accumulator Recertification

Hydraulic accumulators need periodic recertification to ensure they are suitable to continue operating safely. Accumulators are gas cylinders, containing oxygen free nitrogen so are classified as... Read more

Lubrication Skids

We were asked to design and manufacture five identical lubrications skids  for gear box oil in Asia. The key requirements for the customer was the flow (100 l/min) and the disspation of heat (31... Read more

Pressure Test Rig

MGR were asked to design and manufacture an automated pressure test rig for testing oxygen cylinders with water. We utilised some of our customer's existing components to manufacture the system... Read more

Hydraulic data logging Case Study

Customer Requirements  MGR was called in to investigate an oscillating excavator arm. We attached our pressure transducers to the annulus and full bore end of the of the cylinder –... Read more