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Saving Energy

What if you were offered the chance to reduce the size of your hydraulic pumps and reduce the size of your electric bill?

MGR have completed a contract to replace a 90kW drive motor and pump with a 22 kW motor and pump, maintaing the same performance of a press. How did we do it? Our experience of press operations is that they have periods of high flow and low pressure, during lowering and low flow and high pressure during pressing. Having a pump that can produce the maximum flow and maximum pressure at the same time can be oversized and wasteful. Having a pump that can produce the pressure and flow, but the high pressure is at low flow, can be efficient.

We installed a Parker PV plus axial piston pump with electrohydraulic flow and pressure control. The motor was 22 kW and the control unit was programmed so the power did not exceed this value. The press plc was programmed to vary the flow and pressure required during the cycle to meet the pres requirements.


Overall there was a 75% reduction in power consumption and a reducting in system heat generation.


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