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Bespoke Power Unit

MGR Fluid Power was awarded a contract to design and manufacture a hydraulic power unit (HPU) to supply fluid to a ring main in a materials test facility.  The specification was;


  • Supply 560 l/min of flow at pressures up to 250 bar.
  • Offline filtration and cooling system to remove 200 kW of heat.
  • High pressure pump to supply fluid at 700 bat pressure.
  • System monitoring  and display.

Our solution was;

  • 132 kW IE3 400/3/50 electric motors powering pressure compensated axial piston pumps. There were three pumps, one on standby.
  • Pressure filter and vented relief manifold.
  • Offline filtration system with 3 micron filters and two off air blast coolers removing a maximum of 200 kW of heat.
  • 2500 litre reservoir with a return line filter, level & temperature switches and 6 micron breather.
  • 15 kW IE3 400/3/50 electric motor powered a high pressure check ball pump supply 15 l/min of flow at 700 bar.
  • Pressure transmitters and flow meters on each pump, displayed on a panel.
  • Electrical starter and control panels
  • Site installation, including the electrics and pipework.
  • Commissioning.

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