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Hydraulic Power Units

Hydraulic power units are the heart of any hydraulic system providing pressure and flow. AT MGR Fluid Power we manufacture the larger power units, generally from 15 kW upwards. What does a hydraulic power unit consist of;

  • Electric motor or engine to drive the hydraulic pump
  • Hydraulic pump - either fixed displacement or variable with flow or pressure controls
  • Pressure relief valve to prevent over pressurisation
  • Filters, pressure or retrun or both to keep the system clean.
  • A reservoir large enough to allow the oil to settle with a breather, level switch, temperature switch and level gauge.
  • For larger systems with a long running time a cooler, either water or air blast will be required.
  • A starter or control panel to switch the unit on and display any alarms.


Understanding the environment in which the power unit will operate is important for long term reliability. Is the unit exposed to dust, heat or water. All have an affect on the overall design and we at MGR have experience of supplying Hydraulic Power Units for use in demanding applications.

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