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Flushing and Pressure Test Rig

Torishima have developed a cost effective Flushing and Pressure Test Rig. The rigs are ideal for flushing and testing hose and pipework with low viscosity oils.

The rigs have a maximum working pressure of 700 bar and flows up to 40 l/min at pressures up to 200 bar. Instrumentation such as pressure and flow transmitters are fitted and each pump is fitted with a variable speed drive to ensure efficient control of output flow. Fluid cleanliness is controlled by pressure and return filtration. All fttings are made form stainless steel. Packaged in a compact frame, with forklift pockets and wheels, these units can be moved around the factory easily.

We have developed a wide range of products for flusihing and pressure testing so if you need a system please call us.

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