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Hydraulic data logging Case Study

Customer Requirements 

MGR was called in to investigate an oscillating excavator arm. We attached our pressure transducers to the annulus and full bore end of the of the cylinder – using the Parker Sensocontrol data logging system -and took some pressure traces, the results of which are shown below.

The instability can be clearly seen in the pressure traces, in the full bore and annulus of the cylinder. Our experience in data logging and interpretation of the results helped us identify the problem area. We identified that the counterbalance valve on the annulus was set too closely to the system pressure. By installing a higher ratio valve, the problem was solved quickly and efficiently.

Customer Benefits 

Data logging provides vital information on hydraulic system operation. In this instance, the customer was able to see the problem manifest itself as fluctuations in pressure.

The exact cause of the problem was pinpointed quickly without disrupting the system.

Repair costs were minimised by identifying the exact cause.

Other hydraulic parameters were checked during the day to verify the machine’s operation.

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