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Filter Carts

Filter trolleys complement our clean hydraulics philosophy. Continuing our theme; “a clean system is a reliable system”;we have developed a range of filter carts for transferring oil and cleaning oil in existing systems. It is widely known that new oil, from barrels, is not clean enough to put straight into your hydraulic system. A filter cart pre filters the oil, transferring it easily, cleanly and quickly, minimising the risk of spillage. Many of our customers have hired trolleys to clean the oil in their reservoirs over the period of a week or less, purifying the oil during that period.

Trolleys are highly effective at cleaning hydraulic or lubrication oils as they provide a constant flow through the filter, ensuring the filtration is efficient. A filter cart is essential equipment for ensuring clean hydraulic and lubrication systems. Our trolleys are also suitable for cleaning other oils such as Transformer oils. We offer a hire or purchase service for our filter trolleys, the choice is yours.

Our most popular filter cart is the FT108 which has a flow of 40 l/min and is very effective at cleaning oil in reservoirs.

We are constantly developing our product offering to ensure we give you the best value for clean oil. If you would like to discuss your requirements please call us on 01926 420847.

Filter Trolleys (FT108) on a very robust frame & a flow of 40 l/min

Newly released the FT105 hand carried filter cart – 14 l/min flow in a compact package – to hire or buy

We designed and built our first filter cart in 2007 and it is still in service today, supporting our belief that our trolleys are robust. Our trolleys have puncture proof wheels and we use spin on filter cans which can be easily sourced and changed for ones with different micron ratings, including water removal options. We have many different options on our filter carts but if you don’t see what you need in our catalogue please call us.

Our hire or buy service is simple and we accept most major credit and debit cards. Try before you buy can give you the confidence that our filter trolley is for you.

Our trolleys range from 14 l/min (hand carried) to 40 l/min so there is a flow rate and style to suit most applications.

We also manufacture bespoke filter trolleys, mainly for high viscosity lubricating oils. We have designed & manufactured units that can pump and filter 3,000 cSt fluids and have in line Partcile Counters.

Torishima Fluid Power
Filter Trolley Catalogue

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For more information please contact us on +44 (0) 1926 420847.