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Hydraulic Filters

Replacement hydraulic filter elements come in many different sizes and micron ratings. We aim to make it easy to find the filter elements you need and stock a range of popular elements from popular manufacturers such as Parker, Pall and Hydac.

If we don't have the stock we have a very effective cross reference capability to find your filter element.

We have access to filters from original manufacturers such as Parker, Hydac, MP Filtri and Schroeder.

We currently have a wide range of elements in stock of Parker (Incl. Fairey and UCC), Pall, Hydac and MP Filtri.


We have an extensive stock of water removal spin on cans at a great price, and also popular spin on cans.

We cross reference a lot of other brands too, such as EPE, Sofima, Filtrec, UCC, Mahle & Internormen
and also have in stock replacement spin on cans for Donaldson, Stauff, Fleetguard, Baldwin and Filtrec.

To help you we have a very wide cross reference capability to get you the filter you need at the time and price you need. Call us and we will do our best to provide the filters you need.  We have a database and prices of refits, just click on the link below.

Search for elements here.

Spin on Can Cross Reference

We accept all major credit cards to make it easy for you.

Our filters are sold globally – call  0044 1926 420847 for details or email

Do you need to change your filters regularly? Our experience of maintaining hydraulic systems is that clean oil vastly reduces the chances of unexpected system failure. You are welcome to read our White Paper on the subject.

Hydraulic Filtration White Paper – Rev 1

Torishima Fluid Power can provide a complete fluid cleanliness service. Why not let MGR change your filters and provide a complete hydraulic system maintenance service? We assist customers such as Meggitt and Rolls Royce; to keep their hydraulic systems reliable. We have a range of Hydraulic Filter Carts for purchase or hire and particle counters  to complement your oil cleanliness programme.

For more information please contact us on  +44 (0) 1926 420847.