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RMF Filters

We are an Approved Partner & Authorised Distributor of RMF, & we are able to provide filtration systems that provide 'deep & continuous cleaning' of hydraulic & lubrication systems, with a complete range of products to meet every known requirement. 

RMF supply a range of deep cleaning filters to esnure your hydraulic and lubrication system is very clean and ultimately very reliable. Also dessicant breathers are in their scope supply, which help keep water out of your system.

If your aim is to have very reliable hydraulic or lubrication systems then RMF is a fantastic addition to your cleanliness programme. 

Prior to supplying any RMF equipment, we recommend a 'site survey' by us to ensure we specify & supply the correct product to meet the application. Please call our Technical Filtration Team to dicuss your requirements further.

We look forward to working with you. 

For RMF filtration systems or any other issue with filtration then call us on 01926 420847 or email