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Hydraulic Power Units

Reliable and efficeint hydraulic power starts with a reliable hydraulic power unit. From design to commissioning we provide a complete service. Our bespoke Hydraulic Power Units range in power from 15 kW up to 300 kW. We supply a smaller range of hydraulic power units for machine tools, ranging from 1.1 kW to 5.5 kW.

The majority of our HPU's are powered by electric motors and are used in factories, renewable energy machinery, ships or offshore platforms. We support the supply of each hydraulic power unit with on site service; providing installation and commissioning, which will ensure your system operates correctly before we leave site. We strive ensure your system operates how you want it to and that is why our on site service is a focus of our business.

Bespoke designed Hydraulic Power Units are designed to meet your requirements. We have manufactured hydraulic power units for a very diverse range of applications.

Below are two examples of large power units, the one on the left for a Deck Machinery application and one on the right for an industrial test application.


There are many applications we have been involved in such as powered Deck Machinery, Press HPU's and Sluice Gate Systems for River Energy Projects . So if you need  a hydraulic power unit that delivers Reliable Hydraulic Power then please give us a call.

HPU's are the heart of any hydraulic system so if you require additional components to form a complete system we would be pleased to discuss your requirements. We are keen to ensure your HPU is reliable so we deliver it with a spare set of hydraulic filter elements. If you require a complete hydraulic system including control valves and hydraulic cylinders or motors please call us.

To find out more about our complete systems offering,in particular in the Marine & Aerospace sectors.

We are suppport energy efficiency, ensuring we propose the most efficient and cost effective designs to our customers.

Below is a large hydraulic power unit supplying a ring main

Torishima are able to offer the following;

  •     Over 20 years hydraulic design and build experience – ensuring mistakes are rare.
  •     Every power unit is tested – our customers are guaranteed to receive a performing system.
  •     ISO9001:2008 certified – our processes and products are inspected to ensure our customers receive the product they             ordered.
  •     Data packs delivered with the power unit – manuals, drawings and certificates delivered with the HPU and when needed.
  •     Installation – we can offer a full installation service including pressure testing and flushing of pipework.
  •     Commissioning support – we can commission your complete hydraulic system, providing certification.


  •     Overhaul of existing HPU's - bringing old HPU's back to new with our overhaul & systems upgrade service. This can be more cost effective than purchasing new. 

For more information on the technical capabilities of our HPU range,

please contact us on +44 (0) 1926 420847.


Torishima Fluid Power