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 Hydraulic Systems

Modern hydraulic systems should be efficient and reliable. Since we started nearly 12 years ago we have promoted these principles and they are even more important today. The business was started to help customers with hydraulic systems and we have designed, manufactured and installed a number of different systems for different types of applications. The hydraulic principles are the same no matter the application.


Customer satisfaction is important to us that is why we offer on site assistance, installation and commissioning,  with all our systems and for other suppliers systems. Our design focus is on meeting the operating specifications, reliability requirements and optimised efficiency.

Some of our recent hydraulic systems have been;

  • An electro-hydraulic control system powering a cable carousel on a Cable Laying vessel. The system included a hydraulic power unit, electro-hydraulic control valve manifold, proportional valve manifold, plc control system and on vessel installation and commissioning.
  • Vehicle based Docking System that travels over rough ground to transport or dock with the Airship. We designed the system, manufactured the sub assemblies, installed and commissioned the vehicle.
  • A theme park simulator controlled by an HPU, electro-hydraulic proportional control valves and cylinders with LVDT's to perform closed loop hydraulic control of a simulated lift. The custmers experience fast acceleration and deceleration.
  • Turf harvesting vehicle, we installed a completely new system including a variable delivery load sense pump, mobile slice directional valve, plc control and cylinders. The result was an efficient and reliable system, reducing the fuel usage by 75%.
















To Learn more please follow the link to Case Study Applications

Torishima Fluid Power can offer;

  • Over 20 years hydraulic design and build experience - ensuring mistakes are rare.
  • We work with you – to ensure your system performs to your specifications, fits in your space envelope and meets your           certification requirements.
  • Every power unit is tested - our customers are guaranteed to receive a performing system.
  • ISO9001:2008 certified - our processes and products are inspected to ensure our customers receive the product they             ordered.
  • Data packs delivered with the power unit - manuals, drawings and certificates delivered on time and when needed.
  • Installation - we can offer a full installation service including pressure testing and flushing.
  • Commissioning support - we can commission your complete hydraulic system, providing certification.
  • Short lead times – reducing delivery times by having a wide range of suppliers and utilising existing designs.



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