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Test Rigs

Torishima Fluid Power can provide a design to install service for Hydraulic Test Rigs

Hydraulic test rigs have a tendency to test themselves as well as the products they are testing. Hence the design needs to be robust and reliable. Rigs also need to perform and operate accurately over many successive tests. Torishima have the experience and capability to turn your test requirements into a test rig.

We have recently provided the following type of test rigs;

  • Fully automatic pressure pulsation rig to 420 bar, using water. The system pulses an aerospace component from 0 to 420 bar for 10,000 cycles. The rig is fully automatic and can be left unattended, stopping when the number of cycles is achieved.Test information can then be retrieved from the data logger for quality control and customer reference information.


  • Test rigs supplying 200 l/min of flow for testing a hydraulic control valve for a Military vehicle. The test rig was fitted with two flowmeters and pressure transmitters. The control system facilitated testing of the valve sections to determine flow and pressure drop characteristics.


  • Pressure and flow test rig for aircraft coolers, using Skydrol as the test medium. The rig is a manual rig, having pressure and flow setting capability.
  • Crush & penetration rig for testing of batteries. This is a semi automatic test rig for testing electric car batteries utilising a standard hydraulic power unit and a proportional valve.

We have experience of designing and manufacturing systems for use on aggressive fluids such as fuel and Skydrol. Our core market is the Aerospace Industry, where we have worked with leading companies such as Rolls Royce, but we have also supplied Test Rigs for BAE systems in the Defence sector among others.

Torishima test rigs are used to test components such as pumps, valves, cylinders or are put to work on larger scale projects such as testing the structure of aircraft parts. We also have the capacity to modify existing test rigs so that they meet your production and testing needs.

As with all our products, Torishima test rigs come with the complete aftersales package. For the last seven years we have worked with global engineering group, Meggitt PLC, to service and modify their test rigs, their repeat custom speaking volumes about the commitment to customer care and engineering excellence embedded in Torishima’s culture.

For more information please contact us on +44 (0) 1926 420847.


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