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Bespoke Lubrication

Centralised Lubrication Systems

We are a UK based design, manufacturer, installer and maintainer of lubrication systems.

Torishima Fluid Power have designed and manufactured a number of lubrication systems for applications ranging from gearboxes to turbines. Quality is a focus through our design to delivery process; ensuring we check and test so that our customers receive reliable and high performing systems. To achieve this, each customer has a developed ITP (Integrated Test Plan).

Torishima Fluid Power has the capability and 'know-how' to design and manufacture reliable and cost effective lubrication systems, supported with a complete documentation package. If you can describe your requirements, we can provide the solution. For gearbox and bearing centralised lubrication systems Torishima Fluid Power have the solution.

Aftermarket assistance is available with the provision of spares, service support and refurbishment of existing systems.

Call us today on 01926 420847 for a discussion on your requirements or email for further information.

Gearbox Lubrication Skids - cleaning and cooling of gearbox oil with cooling capcities up to 400 kW on a single simple skid. We have the experience and capability to provide a design for a range of gearboxes.

We have provided lubrication systems for the following applications;

  • Electric motor bearings in a test house
  • 2 off 6000 litre tanks and lube skids for marine gearboxes
  • 6 off water pump bearings in the USA
  • 3 off water pump bearings in Brazil
  • 4 off water pump bearings in the UAE
  • Combustion engine bearings on a prototype system
  • Morgoil system in a Steel Mill
  • Atex Zone 2 rated systems for bearings on a flour milling machine

Case Study

Torishima (formerly MGR Fluid Power) was awarded the contract to provide five bespoke lubrication skids for lubricating gearboxes in Thailand.

The system had the following features:

  • Low noise screw pump with a flow of 100 l/min.
  • Large duplex 25 micron filter to clean the oil.
  • High viscotiy oil >1000 cSt, difficlut to pump!
  • Large air blast cooler to dissipate heat with an ambient temperature of 50 degC.
  • Pressure, temperature and flow instrumentation.
  • Fully tested to an agreed test specification and Factory Acceptance Test.

Separate export orders for three bespoke lubrication systems have also been completed for a power plant in Brazil, as a further endorsement of our expertise and craftsmanship in this niche area.

For more information please contact us on +44 (0) 1926 420847.