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Standard Lubrication

Standard Lubrication Systems

As an alternative to one-off bespoke units, MGR has the ability to supply a line of standard modular lubrication systems that meet most flow and pressure requirements from 45 l/min to 95 l/min. Currently we have the following standard sizes;

  • 150 Litre reservoir and an electrically operated pump with 45 l/min flow.
  • 250 Litre reservoir and an electrically operated pump with 65 l/min flow.
  • 350 Litre reservoir and an electrically operated pump with 95 l/min flow.

Ordering a standard system you could save time and money because the design and manufacture process is not as long and lead times, therefore, are shorter.

If you’re unsure about the type of system you need to best fit the application we have the technical expertise to guide you every step of the way.

Basic features:


Sloped bottom in carbon or stainless steel with drain shut-off valve. Segmented tank with 10 micron filler/breather. High-level sight gauge. Temperature gauge.


Screw type pump horizontaly mounted for ease of maintenance 

Heat exchanger

Shell & Tube heat exchangers, vital to the system’s functionality

Duplex Filter

Oil filter (25 micron)- Allows the system to operate without the need for shutdown. If one filter is blocked and needs cleaning/replacing, the flow of fluid switches to go through the other filter

Differential pressure sensor

For measuring the pressure drop across the filter.

Pressure switches

100 mm dial, 2 switches: one warning and one system shut down

Pressure gauge

100 mm dial, I gauge: accurate to within 1-2%

Pressure sustaining valve

Maintains the pressure at the outelt of the system

Pressure relief valve

Protects the pmp and has a stainless steel piston & spring

Sight glass

With root isolation valves.

For more information please contact us on +44 (0) 1926 420847.