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New Year Maintenance for Hydraulics

05 January 2017 by Mike Retford

Hydraulic Systems need maintenance and if your New Year's resolution is to achieve better reliability then we would be pleased to help.

The major cause of system failure is due to contamination so oil sampling and filter changes are standard activities for hydraulic maintenance. Other than that why not check;

  1. Tank instrumentation  such as level and temperature switches. If they don't work then your system could run dry or overheat. Both causes damages to key system components.
  2. Pressure and flow instrumentation which give you data on how your system is running.
  3. Filter blockage indicators; if they don't work then you won't know if a filter is blocked.
  4. Coolers, air blast matrices can clog up and need cleaning. So can shell & tube heat exchangers if the water quality is poor.

We can data log the system operation so we can tell you next time if something has changed. Data logs are also invaluable for troubleshooting.

If you are interested in our Hydraulic System Maintenance Service please call us on 01926 420847

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