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Flushing Systems

Reliable hydraulic systems have clean oil.

Contamination from new hydraulic oil, particles left in new pipework or contamination produced by an operating hydraulic or lubrication system can cause major component damage and system downtime. A filter trolley or flushing rig can prevent and alleviate current problems, and save you


Flushing Rigs

We design, manufacture and hire out flushing rigs, providing a complete service. Flushing hydraulic pipework before starting a new or modified system removes harmful contaminants and helps to prevent potential hydraulic system failure on start up. It is widely known that contamination is the largest cause of hydraulic system failure so flushing pipework is important prior to operation. Knowing what contamination you have is important so we provide particle counters. We have regularly achieved NAS 4  (ISO: 15/13/10) on manifold and pipe flushing rigs.

We work with customers to understand their needs in terms of flow so that turbulence is achieved, which in turn leads to very efficient cleaning. We look to achieve a Reynolds Number of around 4,000 which is a compromise between flow, and oil viscosity for a particular pipe size. Turbulence can be achieved through high flowrate rigs or pulsation rigs. We have provided both.


Torishima have manufactured bespoke flushing rigs for aircraft engine pipework – using Skydrol, turbines using turbine oil, water glycols for subsea umbilical’s and  mineral oil systems. The rig pictured above operates on water glycol fluid and is also used for pressure testing to 700 bar. We can fit particle counters and supply them if you decide to rent your flushing rig or service.

If you need assistance with your flushing we can provide onsite help, providing Service Engineers and including the supply of a flushing rig and a particle counter.

Filter Trolleys & Flushing Rigs for Hire

We are continually developing our flushing rigs and filter carts so if you don't see what you need here please call us. A variety of rigs can be hired out on a weekly basis.

  • 1 off high flow pulsation type flushing rig. The unit can provide peak flows of 250 l/min over short periods: ideal for removing debris in pipes.
  • 1 off low flow flushing rig (20 l/min) which can be used for pulsation type flushing and can be used for pressure testing to 450 bar.
  • 1 off  FT107 23 l/min filter trolleys for filling or reservoir filtering.
  • 3 off FT108 40 l/min filter trolley for fast oil transfer and reservoir filtering, one with water removal filters.


For more information please contact us on +44 (0) 1926 420847.

Torishima Fluid Power