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Hydraulic System Design

Torishima Fluid Power has over 20 years’ experience in the design of hydraulic systems and hydraulic power units for a range of applications. We can provide on site Technical Support for troubleshooting or consulting on the current system design and issues.

We use our design and practical experience to avoid common mistakes. We also have a simulation system for verifying complex designs.

Using the Automation Studio Simulation programme we can calculate the heat input to a system and determine pressure drops and operating sequences. Avoiding errors that can affect performance and reliability are much better achieved at the design stage.

If you need some help with a current system that has problems or a new system design we have the capability to provide a service. We have provided a consultancy service to provide solutions to performance or reliability problems on existing hydraulic systems.

For our Hydraulic System Design Service we have provided independent  designs for a Pipe Laying System; including the design of the hydraulic power unit (HPU), Pipe Handling Equipment and Coating Station Hydraulics.

Our design service usually includes the Hydraulic Circuit Design, a proposed Bill of Materials and a report. 

For our Consultancy Service we have provided independent 3rd party expertise in solving problems with  moving floors on Biomass plants; designing new hydraulic cylinders which resulted in an improvement in the long term reliability. We have also worked on improving the performance and reliability of military bridge-laying vehicles, providing site support during trials and submitting reports on potential improvements.

Examples of our diverse offering include: 


Rotating an Archimedes screw in a cement silo. The system included a Hydraulic Power Unit with load sense pump which rotated the screw at constant speed, irrespective of load. The system replaced an electric motor and gearbox which was struggling with an increase in torque of the cement.


MGR was contracted to supply a complete system design and specification for a Pipe Handling and Coating Station project, which included a hydraulic power, control valves and pipework.


MGR designed and supplied a system to sit on board a cable laying vessel. The system included a Hydraulic Power Unit, control valve manifolds for the carousel, tensioners and tuggers.

Renewable Energy

Hydraulic system design for a complete brake system for a wave energy device. Our design was underpinned by our capability to simulate the system so that the customer understood the operating parameters before manufacture. We were subsequently awarded the manifold contract.


Designed a system for operating active suspension and a rear spoiler. Utilised lightweight components to minimise weight

For the most complex applications we simulate the system with Automation Studio.

For more information please contact us on +44 (0) 1926 420847.


Torishima Fluid Power