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Service and Maintenance


Torishima Fluid Power can find faults quickly and service your fluid systems. We have the following capabilities;

  • Data logging - logging the pressure and flow reveals the operation of the system and can keep you up to date with your machines’ condition and help interpret any problems, much more quickly than guessing. We also have flow meters to monitor pump flow.
  • Planned hydraulic maintenance – based on condition monitoring, we collect and interpret the data and advise on the maintenance to be carried out, which saves money over preventative maintenance and costly breakdowns.
  • System survey - we can survey the health & efficiency of your system using our data loggers and thermal imaging camera. We will send you a report with recommendations.
  • Oil Analysis - analysing and interpreting the results. Providing trend data so we can tell how effective the filters are and what is wearing down. Contaminated oil is the biggest casue of hydraulic system failure.
  • Experienced engineers - understand hydraulic systems so can fault find more effectively and advise you better.
  • Spares support – if you need a spare we have a wide network of suppliers and in house stock to keep your system running.


On site Technical Support is at Hand, we have experienced Service Engineers who can find the root cause of your system problem. Alternatively they can maintain your hydraulic system to a high standard so that it performs reliably.

Our sequential approach to hydraulics system troubleshooting eradicates any guess work, with comprehensive analysis of all the historical data in terms of pressure, flow and temperature – through the use of Hydrotechnik and Parker data loggers – a key part of the problem-solving process. Once a decision has been made, our skilled team of engineers are then able to get your system up and running and functioning properly again.

Prevention is better than the cure

Torishima Fluid Power has a range of maintenance packages aimed at providing plant owners with optimum hydraulic system reliability and reduced component usage, saving both time and money spent on costly repairs.


For more information please contact us on +44 (0) 1926 420847.


Torishima Fluid Power